Monday, February 7, 2011

DIG Visiting Artist Jenny Magnus!!

The Drama Interest Group (DIG) is pleased to announce our upcoming
visiting artist! 

Jenny Magnus, writer, performer, musician and teacher, is founding
co-Artistic Director of the Curious Theater Branch. Her work has been
produced at Steppenwolf Theater, the Museum of Contemporary Art, and venues
throughout Chicago and the US and Europe. She has released 9 albums, with
the band Maestro Subgum and the Whole, and as a solo artist. In 1998, she
was named among the Artists of the Year by the Chicago Tribune, and from
1998 to the present, she was included among the 50 most influential people
in Chicago Theater by NewCity Chicago. She has been teaching for 12 years.

Please join us for two exciting events:

Writing from the Body, a generative workshop: 
Writing is a physical activity.  How can a writer put more of their physical self into 
their ideas?  What kind of influences come to bear on writing when the body is 
more engaged? This workshop seeks to explore the relationship between body and 
writing. Students will write in the workshop. Out of meditative bodies, out of sweaty 
bodies, out of self-conscious bodies, out of exultative bodies, they will find new ways 
to open their writer's minds.  Come dressed to move, with writing materials. 
 Friday, Feb. 18 from 10-1pm. 
Studio 1 at the Walgreen Drama Center.

ROOM, written and performed by Jenny Magnus:
Room is an exploration of a literal room, the one being performed in; and, also, an 
exploration of the eros of the moment, the performative moment, and our attentions to 
both it, and to our own inner rooms and roominess…Jenny Magnus uses songs and texts 
and images to triangulate the exact expression of a mood, a moment, an attention, and a 
relationship to an audience, one who is there, in that room, with her.  
Friday, Feb. 18, 5pm. 
Studio 1 at the Walgreen Drama Center.
Performance will be approximately 40 minutes in length. 
For more information or to reserve your spot for the workshop, please contact 
Emilia Javanica at:

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