Friday, October 12, 2012

Conversation with Grupo Krapp

Conversation with Grupo Krapp (Dance company from Argentina) at residency at University of Michigan
Oct 12th, 12 - 1.30 pm
MLB - Room 2112

* The conversation will focus on translation procedures in creative processes, interdisciplinary work, arts and its (in)disciplinary boundaries and other topics which may arise along the dialogue. You are ALL very welcomed!

Sponsored by Drama Interest Group and moderated by Lucía Naser
Refreshments will be served

about Grupo Krapp <

Grupo Krapp was created in 1998 by Luciana Acuña, Luis Biasotto, and Gabriela Caretti, three young choreographers who received their training at the prestigious Contemporary Dance Workshop of the National University of Córdoba. They also pursued studies in the Contemporary Dance Workshop of the San Martín Theater in Córdoba and at the Theater School of the National University of Córdoba. In 1999, Argentina¹s Antorchas Foundation and National Arts Fund awarded individual dance and theater training grants to Acuña, Biasotto, and Caretti. The ensemble¹s five members include critically acclaimed Argentinean actors and musicians Gabriel Almendros, Edgardo Castro, and Fernando Tur.

Grupo Krapp will be in residence at University of Michigan from October 10-19 for classes in Dance, Theatre, Romance Languages, and Latin American Cultural Studies culminating in a performance of their recent work Lado B at the Arthur Miller Theater on Friday Oct 19, 8pm. The Institute of the Humanities will sponsor a panel on Wednesday Oct. 17, 6:30-8pm. Lado B brings original video, movement, language, music and set design together in an explosion of multi-media imagery, cross cultural concepts and performance energy. Buenos Aires based and award winning video and film artist, Alejo Moguillansky created the video concepts and material. He was the 2009 Jury Prize winner in the Buenos Aires Festival Internacional del Cine Independiente (Best Argentine Film).

The foundation of their work draws on political themes that transcend national boundaries. Their performances illuminate injustices and inequities with a deft theatrical touch using a finely crafted blend of music, theater and dance. They are known for their straightforward delivery of controversial themes, leavened by outrageous humor and physical daring. Grupo Krapp investigates and translates a range of themes and ideas through music, video, staging, movement, text and spectacle in an unforgettable way. Since the premiere of their widely acclaimed work Mendiolaza at The American Dance Festival at Duke University in summer 2005, they have returned to the U.S for successful engagement presented by Cal Performances at UC Berkeley and La Guardia Community College /CUNY. Gia Kourlos, writing in the New York Times describes Grupo Krapp as using rich imagery and heightened abstraction to convey feelings of isolation, otherness, profound loneliness, marginalization, and desperation in a surreal environment. Underscoring a tense interplay of sensations, images and actions which ultimately, attest to the fragile condition of the human soul.² These are themes that resonate throughout our lives and our art making more than ever.² New York Times, August 4, 2006

The company name Krapp derives from Samuel Beckett¹s play, Krapp¹s Last Tape, popularthroughout Latin America. Grupo Krapp often constructs their work around absurdist themes, but depicts them in a more hopeful, humane lens than many of Beckett¹s positions.

* The company will offer a community master class in improvisation and composition through movement and text on Sat. Oct 13, 11-1-- Betty Pease Studio A, Dance bldg. 1310 North University Ct. Ann Arbor, 48109.