Friday, March 21, 2014

Process-Practice-Pedagogy, a DIG Symposium

Saturday, March 29th
Schedule of Events

Opening Remarks: 10:00-10:05 AM, Studio 2 
E.J. Westlake, Sponsor of the Drama Interest Group
Leigh Woods, Head of Theatre Studies

Session #1: 10:05-11:30 AM, Studio 2
Moderator: Leigh Woods
Juliet Guzzetta (Michigan State University) "The Theater of Narration: Italy, History, Performance."
Mbala Nkanga (University of Michigan), "The Tree of Knowledge and the Archeology of a Performance: Mvett"
E.J. Westlake (University of Michigan), "The Last Escape of Billy the Kid: Dramatizing Biography and the Corpse on Trial"

Session #2: 11:35 AM-1:00 PM, Studio 2
Early Modern Shifts
Moderator: Mbala Nkanga
Claudia Rene Wier, (York University, Toronto) "Shifty Identities in the Gestural Dynamics of the Commedia dell’Arte."
Leigh Woods, (University of Michigan) "Shakespeareland"
Dan Smith, (Michigan State University) "Cloistered Pleasures: Libertine Drama and the History of Play Reading."

Session #3: 2:05-3:25 PM, Studio 2
Moderator: Shelly Manis
Elizabeth Reitz Mullenix (Miami University), Barnum's Woman in [Red,] White [and Blue]: Carnival, Intertext, and the Performance of Nationhood."
Koritha Mitchell (Ohio State University), "Home as Civil Right: A Raisin in the Sun."
Ann Folino White (Michigan State University), "Cooking with the Stars: Celebrity and Consumer Culture in Early-Twentieth Century Cookbooks."

Session #4: 3:30-5:00 PM, Studio 2
Moderator: E.J. Westlake
Jonathan Chambers (Bowling Green State University), "Revising Homer: Rinde Eckert’s Highway Ulysses."
Abigail Dotz (University of Michigan) and Travis Ross (The Vintage Mojo), "Accessing Agamemnon: Communicating a Classic Through Modern Media."
Shelly Manis (University of Michigan), "Grave Robbing or Savvy Revision? What Happened when Kushner Revised Homebody/Kabul."

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