Sunday, March 8, 2015

Ann Folino White, March 26th and 27th

The Drama Interest Group invites you to attend a lecture and a graduate workshop by

Ann Folino White

Dramaturgies of New Deal Food Protests: Methodological and Theoretical Considerations
March 26, 5pm, 3154 Angell Hall

In her new book, Plowed Under: Food Policy Protest and Performance in New Deal America, Ann Folino White examines aesthetically and demographically diverse protests and performances about the New Deal government’s Agricultural Adjustment Act. The range of case studies presented in the book is crucial to documenting the conflicting concerns that the far-reaching food and agricultural policy raised for citizens nationwide--from white property-owning farmers in Wisconsin to Polish-American consumers in Detroit to landless/homeless African American sharecroppers in Missouri--at a time when the economic and human crisis of the Great Depression had no foreseeable end.

This talk addresses the unique methodological challenges posed by the diversity of historical events, which differ in place and time, type of protest action, protesters’ social identity, the rights at stake, and the protesters’ demands. It explores the various archival strategies, as well as the interdisciplinary dramaturgical approach utilized and adjusted to address the particularities of each political performance as it unfolded. To date, these historical events have been studied in isolation from one another because scholars in the various subfields of history--cultural history, agricultural history, labor history, women’s history, African American history, or even theater history--are concerned with different populations of citizens, political leanings, or forms of expression. Instead, treating an array of cultural performances alongside protests staged by different socioeconomic identity groups, Plowed Under throws into relief the constellation of anxieties that made up the lived experiences of the 1930s agricultural crisis, a formative era for U.S. food politics, one that initiated federal policies and cultural scripts that continue into the twenty-first century.

Graduate Student Workshop - De-stressing the Dissertation
March 27, 11am, 3154 Angell Hall

Graduate Students will learn valuable tips for De-stressing the Dissertation and removing obstacles to productivity. Come and chill out with Ann Folino White.

Ann Folino White (Ph.D. Interdisciplinary Theatre and Drama, Northwestern University) is Associate Professor of Theatre Studies at Michigan State University where she teaches stage directing, performance theory, and the history of American theatrical and popular performance from the late-nineteenth century to the twenty-first century. Dr. Folino White’s scholarship has appeared in numerous journals including American DramaText and Performance Quarterly, Performing Arts Resources, Women and Performance and TDR: The Drama Review. Her book, Plowed Under: Food Policy Protests and Performance in New Deal America (Indiana University Press, 2014), explores the significance of theatrical strategies to shaping public discourse about the morality of New Deal agricultural policy. Ann is also co-editor of Food and Theatre On the World Stage, (forthcoming from Routledge, Summer 2015), a collection of essays that consider the interplay between socio-political functions of food and practices of staging (food in) live theatre.

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